Barbecue Catering

Everyone loves a BBQ. They are Perfect for Family Gatherings, Corporate Breakfasts, Birthdays.

Our aim is to make the planning of your event as simple and enjoyable as possible. With years of experience we also ensure the catering we provide delivers wholesome, nutritious food using the freshest ingredients – and plenty of it.

Grinners offers a complete catering service which can include those extra finishing touches such as coffee, tea and desserts.

We love to cater for younger guests. Children aged between 4 and 12 years are charged at half price for main meals (other courses as per adult costs) and those under 4 are catered for free.

We want to make the planning of your event as easy as possible and help you keep to budget. To that end, all our catering packages are inclusive of the following:

  • Trained and uniformed professional staff
  • Plates, cutlery, napkins, etc. to suit your chosen menu
  • Buffet tables and equipment where necessary
  • Packing up and removing all waste
  • Pricing which includes GST. There are no hidden costs.

We require a flat site to set up that is sheltered from sun, wind and rain. We can organise a marquee at an extra cost if you wish. Please contact us for pricing.

We don’t require power or water. Great for outdoor functions.

If you have any questions, no matter how big or small, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We can cater for up to 100 Guests with a BBQ Function.


Pricing varies from Function to Function due to many variables.
Please contact us for pricing for your chosen Menu.


Rump Steak: Rump Steak Marinated in a Mustard, Onion & Beer Marinade.

Beef Sausages: Skinny 100% Australian Beef Sausages. GF.

Beef Pattie: 120g Patties. Wack one on a Fresh Hamburger bun with Egg, Bacon & Onion for a Hearty start to the day.

Chicken Satay Skewers: Medium Size Chicken Satay Skewers.

Chicken Wings Texan: The big taste of Texas on the Humble Chicken Wing.

Chicken Wings Buffalo: For those that like a little Heat.

Onion: You can’t have a BBQ without the aroma and taste of caramelised onions.

Tomato: Sweet tomato halves cooked on the BBQ.

Bacon: Crispy Bacon. A must have for any breakfast BBQ.

Fried Egg: We only use Free Range Eggs.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms cooked on the hot plate in Butter & Garlic.


Lentil Patties: VG, GF

Spicy Smoked Chipotle Vegan Sausages: VG, GF



Fresh Garden Salad: A Combination of Fresh Lettuce Mix, Lebanese Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot and Red Capsicum. GF, DF, NF, EF, VG, VE. A selection of dressings on the side.

Neapolitan Salad: Al dente Penne Pasta lightly bathed in Basil Pesto & Olive Oil then combined with Plump Perino Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella. VE, NF

Coleslaw: The all-time Aussie Favourite of Finely Shredded Cabbage, Grated Carrot with a Sweet Mayonnaise Dressing. VE, NF, GF

Creamy Pasta Salad: Al dente Pasta Elbows combined with Grated Carrot, Cubes of Fresh Celery & Capsicum, Spring Onion with a Creamy Mayonnaise dressing and sprinkled with fresh Parsley. VE, NF, GF

Greek Salad: Classic Mix of Lebanese Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives, Fetta and a Greek Dressing. GF, DF, NF, EF, VG, VE.

Quinoa & Chickpea Salad: A Healthy Salad of Quinoa, Chickpea, diced Cucumber, Capsicum & Red Onion. Dressed with olive oil, lemon juice & red wine vinegar. Sprinkled with chopped Parsley & Seasoned to taste. DF, NF, EF, VG, VE.

Potato Salad: Diced, Steamed Potato, Spring Onions & Bacon in a Honey & Wholegrain Mustard Mayonnaise. GF.

Rice Salad: Basmati Rice, Finely Dice Capsicum, Apples, Celery, Spring Onions, Iceberg Lettuce, Slivered Almonds, in a Lemon & Wholegrain Mustard Mayonnaise. GF, DF, EF, VG, VE.

Caesar Salad: An all time classic. Crisp Cos Lettuce, Freshly Cooked Diced Bacon and Croutons all combined in a Rich Caesar Dressing with Parmesan Cheese. NF, EF. Anchovies can be added upon request.

Waldorf Salad: Diced Red Apple, diced Celery, Grapes, Cos Lettuce & Toasted Walnuts in a Greek Yogurt Dressing. GF, EF, VG, VE.

Root Vegetable Salad: Small cubes of Carrots, Beetroot & Sweet Potato baked to perfection then cooled and served with Baby Spinach, Fetta & a Balsamic Vinegar Dressing. NF, EF, VG.


Fresh Hamburger Bun baked that day.


China Plates & Stainless Steel Cutlery from $1.75pp extra.

Fruit Platter: $37.50 each. Fresh Watermelon, Rockmelon, Pineapple, Strawberry & Grapes when available.

Tea & Coffee Station – From $2.20pp extra. A selection of Coffees & Teas. Sugar, Full Cream Milk, China Cups and Saucers. A selection of chocolates. Hot water Urn Provided.  This is self-serve. Soy and skim milk also available on request.

DF = Dairy Free
GF = Gluten Free
NF = Nut Free
EF = Egg Free
VG = Vegan
VE = Vegetarian