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Classic Buffet

Classic Buffet

Looking for a simple but hearty solution to your catering needs? This Buffet might be just the thing.

You and your Guests can enjoy:

Roasted Prime Yearling Beef
Roast Chicken
Served with Hot Beef Gravy
Gourmet Tossed Garden Salad
Coleslaw Salad
Creamy Pasta Salad
Chat Potatoes-Served with either Garlic Butter or Sour Cream

Fresh Stone Baked Rolls and Butter
Quality Eco Disposable Plates, Cutlery and Napkins

All served from our decorated Buffet Table and including good quality Eco Disposable plates, cutlery and napkins. (Can be upgraded to China Plates and Stainless steel Cutlery for an extra $1 per person). We will clean and remove all waste. Our Trained & Uniformed Staff will be there to serve you and your guests. We supply our own Tables and Equipment and allow plenty of food.

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Cool Classics Buffet

Cool Classic Buffet

Cool down when the mercury is rising with this refreshing alternative to our Famous Roasts.
It’s an ideal Summer Buffet and perfect for a Lunch-time Function. Each selection is carefully chosen and cooked so your Guests can enjoy Palate Tempting Platters of Sliced Mouthwatering Meats.

Your choice of 3 from the following:
Lean Roast Beef
Leg Ham off the Bone
Tender Turkey Breast
Cold Roast Chicken Pieces
Lean Roast Pork
Vegetarian Quiche Slices 

Served sliced and cooled on platters with a range of Condiments to compliment your selection.

Included with this menu:
Your selection of 5 salads from our Garden Salads.
Along with our Fabulous Fresh Fruit Platter and freshly baked Bread Rolls.

Also included is our Buffet Table and all equipment we need, High Quality Disposable Plates, Cutlery and Napkins, (China Plates & Stainless Steel Cutlery is available as an upgrade for an extra $1.00 per person).
Attending to your function needs will be our Trained & Uniformed Staff to assist your Guests with the Buffet and to take care of the clearing & removal of all food waste.

Australia’s Favourite Carvery

Australia’s Favourite Carvery

This is the most popular buffet menu in Australia, and it is not difficult to see why, there is something for everyone. Our fresh choices are sourced from Local suppliers and prepared on the day of the function.

Your choice of 2 of these delicious roasted meats:
Prime Yearling Beef: Tender Yearling Beef, cooked sous vide, then slow roasted to seal in juices and melt in the mouth
Succulent Pork: Lean Leg Pork cooked in our unique way to trap in the flavour and served with lashings of Apple Sauce
Tender Baby Lamb: Trim Leg of Lamb, roasted in our oven for that Traditional Flavour and served with our delicious Homestyle Gravy & Mint Sauce
Roast Chicken: Fresh from the Rotisserie for those who like a lighter meat
Pan-Fried Chicken Breasts:Tender and Juicy, and completely bone and skin free

Included with your meal:

Your selection  of 5 side dishes from our Garden Salads or Hot Vegetables. You may select choices from the Gourmet Salads range if you prefer at an extra cost of $1.00pp.

Fresh Fruit Platter & freshly baked Bread Rolls included

Quality Disposable Plates, Cutlery and Napkins or the option to upgrade to china for $1 pp extra.
Based on a minimum of 30 guests


Gourmet Buffet

The Gourmet Buffet

Treat your guests to something very special with a mouthwatering buffet of marinated meats cooked to perfection..

Your Choice of 2 Meats:
Santé Fe Beef: a premium cut of Aged Beef, dusted with a moderately Spicy Seasoning, slow roasted to form a Pepper Crust and seal in the Juices.
Honey BBQ Pork: Succulent Lean Pork, marinated in a Delicious Hoi Sin Sauce, and roasted in our unique way to give Delicious White Cuts of Meat
Marinated Lamb Leg: Tender Baby Lamb, marinated with Fresh Garlic Cloves & Mediterranean Herbs, for that Traditional Flavour. All served with a range of Condiments to compliment your selection.
Greek Fish Parcels: Boneless Fillets, seasoned with Greek Herbs, and layered with Spanish Onion, Lemon slices and Olives.
Atlantic Salmon Wraps: Luscious Salmon Steaks, topped with Roma Tomato Slice and Shaved Parmesan, wrapped in foil and cooked lightly on our ovens.
Italian Seafood Sensation: Tender small boneless Fillets of Fish and Baby Octopus, cooked in an Italian Herb Tomato sauce, and topped with shaved Parmesan and Fresh Coriander.

Included with this menu:
Your selection of 5 choices from our range of Gourmet Salads, Garden Salads or Hot Vegetables.

Along with our Fabulous Fresh Fruit Platter
freshly Baked Bread Rolls
China Plates, Stainless Steel Cutlery & Napkins.

Also included is our decorated Buffet Table, Trained & Uniformed Staff to Carve, assist your Guests with the Buffet and to take care of the clearing & removal of all food waste.

Winter Buffet

Winter Buffet

Warm up for winter

Our Buffet Menu includes Uniformed Staff to set up and serve. We provide all our own equipment and will clean and remove all waste.

Prime Yearling Beef
Succulent Pork
Country Potato Bake
Cauliflower & Broccoli Au Gratin
Whole Baked Pumpkin
Minted Peas and Corn
Stone Baked Bread Rolls and Butter

China Plates, Stainless Steel cutlery and Napkins

Optional: Tea, Hot Chocolate and Coffee with China Cups

Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer

Great for a Mingling!!

Includes uniformed staff to set up and serve your buffet. We will provide our own dressed buffet table and heated chafers. We allow plenty of food and will clean and remove all waste.

Hot Buffet Service of:
Butter Chicken
Steamed Jasmine Rice
Sweet & Sour Pork
Fried Rice
Vegetarian Hokkein Noodles
Satay Chicken Skewers
French Bread Slices
China Plates, Stainless Steel Cutlery and Napkins

This is a suggestion, but please feel free to alternate with any of these options:
Thai Green Chicken Curry, Honey Soy Chicken, Asian Noodles, Beef Korma, Teriyaki Chicken, Meatballs in Napoletana Sauce, Vegetarian Italian Pasta, Country Potato Bake, Spirelli Pasta, Chinese Lemon Chicken.

More menus available on request.